Nashi Jam

For years we have been committed to enhancing every detail of our beautiful estate because we believe that in this view that enchants sight there is still so much unexpressed potential.

This is one of the reasons why we decided to resume production of the delicious nashi jams directly from the trees of our estate. Nashi is a fruit of oriental origin, rich in magnesium and with a sweet and scented taste.

We have studied four main variations, each one unique:




Mint-Nashi Ginger and Chilli.

They are the main ingredient for a delicious breakfast and the perfect accompaniment to taste the cheeses of our valleys. We offer all customers who want to take away with them a sweet memory of our estate or those looking for an original and tasty wedding favors, baptisms and events with the ability to customize the packaging.
Come and enjoy them at the Bella Rosina Relais or contact us at 011 - 92.33.600
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