Bella Rosina Mineral Water

Completely Pure

Extracted directly from an underground river to more than 190 meters deep within our private estate, our Bella Rosina water is mineralized with a low fixed residue, ideal for wellness.

It is an environmental friendly water: no effect on pollution from transport, no plastic production for bottling, waste are minimized. Our water is good, with no aftertaste ... completely pure.

Our water is regularly subjected to hydro chemical and organoleptic tests, has excellent features fully within the law, also highlighting the parameters of high quality, so that it can be classified as mineral water or slightly mineralized (fixed residue * 100mg / l)

It is a safety water, far from residential areas and extracted from a dew defined pond, confined with low vulnerability, which will preserve its features over time.

It is a bicarbonate-calcium and magnesium water related to the area. It makes a short underground route, another parameter that guarantees safety and purity. It is also ideal for low-salt diets, being a low sodium water.

Is served in elegant glass bottles that preserve the valuable smell and taste features.

The fixed residue water is the amount of inorganic substances present in the water and is normally expressed in milligrams per liter. It is obtained by evaporating the water at 100 ° C, followed by drying at 180 ° C. Due to the value obtained, the waters are subsequently classified.

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