Golf Clubs

Piedmont distributes its fairways for more than 2000 meters of Sestriere, on the tracks that accommodated the winter Olympic Games of Turin 2006, to the seductive sceneries of the Lago Maggiore, to the vineyards of the Langhe, until the capital Turin, where two of the most important Piedmont golf clubs, located in a magnificent Savoy Park, the regional Park La Mandria, a stone's throw from historic castles and beautiful mountains of Valli di Lanzo

The Circle Golf Turin one of the first Italian golf club born in 1924,  transferred in the post-war period to the Park La Maddalena on the Turin hills and finally settled inside this immense park in 1957. In the age-old forests you can find two routes of 18 holes especially technicians where in 1999 developed a memorable Open of Italy. 

Address:  Via Agnelli 40 - 10070 Fiano (TO)

1 km from the Relais Bella Rosina

The adjacent Royal Park Golf I Roveri offers a route of 27 holes (that will become soon 36), that the golf players share with deer, squirrels and herons.  

Address: Route Cerbiatta, 24 10070 Fiano (Turin)
1 km from the Relais Bella Rosina

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