Piedmont, "at the feet of the mountain". Region of evocative scenery, in which snow-covered tops perpetually stand out welcoming ski tracks of international reputation, sweet hills that produce well-known wines, lakes, famous destinations for Princes and Kings, important writers and artists, offering a magical atmosphere, inspiration and relaxation, and a plain, considered the main rice field rice of Europe.

Inside this variegated landscape, a rich artistic property-cultural spread itself between town and countries rich of depositions: from the Romanesque to the Neoclassical one, until the baroque and the contemporary art. A land that accommodates Royal Residences, noble palaces, churches, castles, strongholds, thermal town, and  religious tourism: riches that show a Piedmont in a position of satisfying the more demanding  tourists.

The Olympic mountains

The Crown of Delights, the circuit of the Savoy Residences

The strongholds

The Langhe

The lake district

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