The Regional Park of La Mandria

One of the latest example of forest planiziale, that thousands of years ago covered the entire Po Valley, stretches for over 3,000 hectares and is bounded by about 30 km of wall. A stone's throw from Turin, with a history of royal hunting that has left a strong mark on the fauna of the park, considering the presence of deer, wild boar and little deer, which together to herons, raptors of all kinds, foxes, squirrels, insects and amphibians make this habitat so unique as Sic, Site of Community Importance.

Inside the Park, in addition to the Savoy Apartments, where King Vittorio Emanuele II lived with his Rosina, you can visit other houses of great architectural value: the Bizzarria, Villa of the Lakes and at the farm Rubbianetta, the prestigious International Center of horses.

Trails in the Park: guided tours to the Royal Apartments, eight hundred years old sites in the Borgo Castello, a Villa Lakes, famous hunting ground of King Vittorio Emanuele II, painted a fresco on church of Saint Giuliano, and other sites linked to the medieval period, guided trekking, night excursions with the park guard, guided tours on horseback, and by bicycle, carriage walks, visits with train.

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